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Custom-based training comes with many benefits and is essential to remain competitive in any industry.  We offer Customized Training and Curriculum Development services in order to help you address unique business, performance, and learning needs tailored to achieve the desired results of our clients.  It is based on the central focus and real meaning of learning found in continual growth, education, company training investments, and progress in one’s professional development.

Image of Michelle Buckland providing training at a workshop
Closed Caption: Building an Accessible Culture Workshop

We help you design, develop and deliver training solutions and/or curriculum to provide a  reflective learning experience along with increase effectiveness of the key subject covered.  This encompasses the full cycle of training which entails needs assessments, instructional design principles, (in)formal training methods, training application, implementation, and measuring training effectiveness.

We provide learners’ the opportunity and benefit(s) to take their learning into their own hands, share their experiences with others, and build new skills to apply in various environments. Training methods are thoroughly selected to ensure the learning is engaging, experiential, and is memorable. This may include:

  • Interactive activities
  • Collaboration tools and platforms
  • Microlearning tools/techniques
  • Hands-on
  • Real-time application
  • Virtual / Online
  • e-Learning
  • Digital learning
  • Social learning

We will work with you to develop a Training Evaluation and Measurement strategy to ensure the learning needs have been met, create action plans, outline follow-up strategies and key performance indicators to measure transfer of learning and change in performance, ensure alignment with business objectives to help determine the impact, and identify lessons learned. 

Essential Not Optional: Why Employee Training and Development Matters

Do you want to make use of robust learning tools and platforms which will complement the innovation of your training initiative?  Let us know and we are happy to assist you.

Designed. Developed. Delivered. For YOU!

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