IMAGE DESCRIPTION: Infographic with 8 images including person proofreading document holding a pencil, a teacher helping student with Down Syndrome, person holding a smartphone at computer, person typing during face-to face virtual meeting, person mentoring a student, man and boy using iPad, two adults working together, and woman assisting man facing the computer.


Our learning support services are designed to help you reach your preferred achievement level by providing an individualized learning service to meet your learning needs.  This includes:

1. One-on-One LinkedIn Coaching for Job Seekers
2. One-on-One LinkedIn Coaching for Business
3. One-on-One Tutoring
4. Virtual Tutoring (i.e., real-time/live from your own home)


Hands of a black person reviewing a document in one hand while sitting at my computer
Closed Caption: Person Reviewing Paper Sitting at Computer

Need help reviewing and editing documents? Need help with your course assignments?  Learning support services are available for assistance and personal development – all at a reasonable rate.  The final version you need, when you need it done!

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