IMAGE DESCRIPTION: A tile of 6 images including Caucasian woman tutoring a young girl with Down-syndrome, person proofreading document holding a pencil, person using smartphone to job search on LinkedIn, person holding a smartphone sitting in front of a laptop which displays the LinkedIn login page, Spanish man tutoring a young boy with Down-syndrome, and black woman having a virtual conversation with 2 people on smartphone while providing a virtual session using a laptop.


Our learning support services are designed to help you reach your preferred achievement level by providing an individualized learning service to meet your learning needs.  This includes:

1. One-on-One LinkedIn Coaching for Job Seekers
2. One-on-One LinkedIn Coaching for Business
3. One-on-One Tutoring
4. Virtual Tutoring (i.e., real-time/live from your own home)


Hands of a black person reviewing a document in one hand while sitting at my computer
Closed Caption: Person Reviewing Paper Sitting at Computer

Need help reviewing and editing documents? Need help with your course assignments?  Learning support services are available for assistance and personal development – all at a reasonable rate.  The final version you need, when you need it done!

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