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Do you need to motivate your team/employees, your members, your community, your agency, or just would like a keynote speaker at a particular event? 

Motivational Speaking at the Ministry of Transportation for United Way Campaign - 2014
Motivational Speaking: Ministry of Transportation for United Way Campaign – 2014

As an award-winning Motivational Speaker, past speaking engagements have been commented as inspiring, engaging, heartfelt, educational, and informative.  Michelle’s storytelling and presentations help break down corporate barriers, build awareness, change mindsets and unconscious biases, and make a difference in the community for people who identify themselves of living with a disability – both visible and invisible ones.

Past clients range from banks, law offices, community organizations, a consulting/advisory firm, an insurance company, a manufacturing firm, non-profit organizations, government ministries to fundraising events. 

Over the last number of years, Michelle has become nationally-known as an expert in accessibility and inclusion for people who identify themselves of living with a disability.  She virtually co-presented an on-demand session named Accessible Transition: From the Classroom to the Boardroom at the CANNEXUS21 Virtual Conference: 6th Annual Canada’s Career Development Conference.  Also, she has been selected to present at the Ontario Alliance of Black School Educators 6th Annual Conference: Empowering Educational Excellence Through Equity and the Transition and College Center of the New York Department of Education, Division of Specialized Instruction and Student Supports.

“One of my passions is to spread accessibility knowledge and benefits to support individuals with disabilities as well as enthusiasm in an empowering, motivating and sustainable way.”

They can be presented as a 45 to 60-minute presentation, at an event or conference, and/or a 1-hour breakout session.

The speeches, keynotes and thought-provoking presentations are catered to a variety of purposes and to your needs.

  1. Building an Accessible Culture
  2. Build Awareness and Motivate Companies of Hiring People
    with Disabilities
  3. Breaking the Stigma of People with Disabilities
  4. Personal and Professional Development:
    • Help Students Explore Their Potential and Make Dreams a Reality
    • Career Development
  5. Community Support:
    • Individuals Diagnosed with a Disability
    • Hospitals
    • Rehabilitation Centres
    • Disability Agencies
  6. Be an Ambassador


“It was an honour to have you with us and your talks were both heartfelt and informative. You could hear a pin drop in the room when you spoke, a true testament to your important messages and wonderful delivery.” – Rhonda Gribbon, Transportation Event Planner – Ministry of Transportation Planner

“I always love your top-notched training and leadership skills. Accessibility is a given. Your faith and morality of equity role is to be reckoned with. I look forward to seeing, hearing and participating in more of your great training skills.”  Morley Wilson, WorcoNet

SET, BELIEVE, and ACHIEVE your goals and full potential at no set limits!!!

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**To be acccommodating, services are provided both in-person and virtual.

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