Do you need to motivate your team/employees, your members, your community, your agency, or just would like a keynote speaker at a particular event? 

Motivational Speaking at the Ministry of Transportation for United Way Campaign - 2014
Motivational Speaking: Ministry of Transportation for United Way Campaign – 2014

As an award-winning Motivational Speaker, past speaking engagements have been commented as inspiring, engaging, heartfelt, and informative ranging from clients such as banks, law offices, community organizations, a consulting/advisory firm, an insurance company, a manufacturing firm, government ministries and fundraising events.  One of my passions is to spread accessibility knowledge and benefits, support for individuals with disabilities, as well as enthusiasm in an empowering, motivating and sustainable way.

I share speeches, keynotes and thought-provoking presentations which are catered to a variety of purposes:

  1. Build Awareness and Motivate Companies of Hiring People
    with Disabilities
  2. Breaking the Stigma of People with Disabilities
  3. Personal and Professional Development:
    • Help Students Explore Their Potential and Make Dreams a Reality
    • Career Development
  4. Community Support:
    • Individuals Diagnosed with a Disability
    • Hospitals
    • Rehabilitation Centres
    • Medical Agencies
  5. Be an Ambassador

SET, BELIEVE, and ACHIEVE your goals and full potential at no set limits!!!

Motivational Speaking Flyer

**To be acccommodating, services are provided both in-person and virtual.

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