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Picture of Alicia JarvisMichelle’s passion for accessibility and knowledge of inclusive instructional design is top notch! She has a solid understanding of using an intersectional approach to drive positive change. Michelle actively engages stakeholders, is highly motivated, and an enthusiastic member of any team. She approaches her deliverables with a sense of urgency, and drives them to completion. Her willingness to listen and develop a deep understanding of business problems; as well as her passion for inclusion will be a powerful asset for any organization! I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a top notch diversity, equity and inclusion specialist.” Alicia Jarvis, CPACC, CSM, Senior Product Manager Accessibility Portfolio | Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Researcher and Strategist | Inclusive Designer – Bell Canada

Picture of Sean De Freitas I met Michelle in the summer of 2020 and have engaged with her on many occasions since being introduced to her. Michelle is a consummate professional, attentive to detail and thorough, diligent, and has an amazing work ethic.  She is passionate and a champion of finding and providing innovative and creative solutions while consistently advocating for accessibility access within the digital space, in the classroom, in organizations, and in the community for people with disabilities. The quality and precision of her work is award-winning. Michelle is an amazing ally, dependable, reliable, and focused on ensuring she executes and delivers to a high standard.” Sean De Freitas, CPA, FCCA, Business Consultant and Certified Accountant – Zayick Accounting

Video Testimonial from Samantha King, Online Course and Digital Product Mentor – FempireTM Builders

Thank you for partnering with the Queens Transition and College Access Center in our remote Training Opportunity Program (TOP). Due to your commitment, partnership, and collaboration you helped students with disabilities obtain a meaningful mentoring experience. Your participation allowed students to explore different career options and gain beneficial job readiness skills that will help them to prepare for and achieve post-secondary success. Thank you again for your commitment to our center, students, and community.” Marcelle Papillon, Community Engagement Manager – New York City Department of Education

“Michelle understands diversity and inclusion better than anyone I know. Her passion for this topic makes her a wonderful fit to develop people in your company to drive measurable business results, attract top talent, build full access for all people who identify themselves with a disability, apply best practices and technology tools, and drive change for an inclusive community, workplace, and society – all while integrating accessibility legislation.” – Lori Dalton, President – Lori Dalton Agency for Speakers and Coaches

rhonda-gribbon“It was an honour to have you with us and your talks were both heartfelt and informative. You could hear a pin drop in the room when you spoke, a true testament to your important messages and wonderful delivery.” – Rhonda Gribbon, Transportation Event Planner – Ministry of Transportation Planner

norm-nopper“I had the opportunity to collaborate with Michelle on several projects over the last few years. Michelle’s knowledge of training and adult learning is in the top tier for her profession, and she has a solid understanding of using training to meet strategic organizational goals. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone looking for a seasoned training professional.” – Norm Nopper, Managing Director, Varanor International

cheryl-crumb“She enjoys tackling challenges and shows “unstoppability” in achieving goals. Work quality is her mainstay. Michelle’s passion comes through when she speaks of diversity or challenged individuals. She is a motivating force to people who are striving for presence. She is an expert at assessing needs and always strives for continuous learning. Michelle is one of the most dedicated people I know.” – Cheryl Crumb, Owner, Cheryl Crumb and Associates

junia-freitas“I came to appreciate not only the results and impact(s) of Michelle’s work, but also the amount of knowledge, thought and effort that accompanied it…a well thought-out training strategy; careful selection and implementation of priorities, balancing training needs and the on-going costs challenges to satisfy those needs; and a commitment to keep employees informed and engaged as a critical factor…Michelle is one of its key members, their ‘spokesperson’ via the newsletter, and one who displayed an unyielding passion to make a lasting impact in the lives of others through training matters.” – Junia Freitas, Director, Global Learning and Development, CELESTICA

kelly-mawhinney-no2“Michelle worked with me over the past few years…she is a strong team player, a creative thinker and a very committed employee.  I would, without question, hire Michelle to work with me as her in-depth knowledge of training, IT generalist skills, and change management ability are all strong assets.” – Kelly Mawhinney, Director, Management Consulting, DMR/Fujitsu Consulting

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“She was able to translate her knowledge and passion for inclusion into concrete ideas for supporting the work of Canadian Association for Supported Employment (CASE) and the MentorAbility Canada Project. In particular, Michelle guided CASE in adhering to best practices regarding accessibility compliance for both web and print based material. She developed internal compliance checklists that continue to act as a resource for CASE, and was integral in supporting our staff team to look at accessibility in our training and information sharing at the outset of each and every project.” – Joanna Goode, Executive Director, Canadian Association for Supported Employment

Photo of George Dramowicz“Michelle’s passion and initiative for creating the global learning process and thorough knowledge of the adult learning principles was unique across the whole organization.  The methods of learning and the comprehension of delivered training material was exemplary – a clear best practice model.” – George Dramowicz, Director, Quality, CELESTICA

join-logo“…she now devotes a portion of her time teaching others with hidden infirmities to speak out and leave the world of shadows…Michelle states: ‘I would like to inspire and educate the next generation so that they will hopefully have an easier time, and be proud of they are.” – Jane Enright, Marketing and Media Planning

Toronto District School Board logo“Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and valuable time with our Grade 10 students. Instilling our youth with inspirational and positive messages as a devoted mentor is vital to their success and in the future.” – Karen Phillips, Head of Guidance, Don Mills Collegiate Institute

United Way logo“You have a confident, animated delivery style with a strong voice…will appeal to a wide variety of audiences; your career background and training make you an especially natural for our many corporate and professional audiences.” – Tereza Coutinho, Speakers Bureau and Agency Tours Coordinator, United Way

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