IMAGE DESCRIPTION: An Infographic with the phrase EVERYONE MATTERS and a diverse group of professionals standing together who have an invisible or visible disability holding up one arm with a fist.


INFOGRAPHIC DESCRIPTION: Accessibility in a circle surrounded with accessibility symbols with the tagline “Engage. Inclusion. Transform.”

Did you know there is a vast, untapped market out there for your business and can really give you a competitive advantage? Surprisingly, or NOT surprisingly…Over 1 billion people… 15% of the world’s population have some form of an invisible or visible disability according to World Health Organization (2020). Furthermore, there is an estimate of 2.3 billion people who control an incremental $6.9 trillion in annual disposable income (2016 Global Economics of Disability Report).

EMBRACE focuses on ensuring accessibility and inclusion for people with visible and invisible disabilities based on:

  • legislation and maximizing awareness,
  • helping expand consumer market; in turn, company bottom-line with higher profitability,
  • minimizing the global and national gap of unemployed people who identify themselves of living with a disability,
  • building employee and community engagement, and
  • applying technology to optimize accessibility and inclusion within the workforce, community, and society as a whole.

The Founder, Michelle Buckland, is recognized as a committed partner who focuses on making a difference by leaving a “footprint” behind at every place she works and everything she does.  Her passion is to inspire people to develop their highest capacity by helping them to integrate all abilities and possibilities with accessible solutions to meet their goals – from business to community to personal – encompassing unique needs.

What are your challenges of integrating accessibility legislation and/or meeting customers’ or employees’ needs who identify of having a disability? Reach out and let us help you gain access to a world of opportunities and profit, optimize digital innovation, and be recognized as a Diversity and Inclusion champion.

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