Refusing to be Limited: Part 1

Photo of Dog in a Wheelchair looking in the eyes of another dog with tagline: "The only disability in life is a bad attitude".

Understanding disability is a natural part of life – it can happen to anyone.

Truly in order for any service provider to be accessibility-ready, it needs to start a planning stage which encourages inclusion, change of mindset/s, and a supportive learning community.  We are really just scratching the surface.  I can’t wait to see it business as usual.

If we presumed that people with disabilities were able to live full and enriching lives, participate fully in their communities and have adult responsibilities, couldn’t we make it so by removing the societal barriers that we create? When we view a disability as a natural part of life, our entire approach needs to change.

Focus on the person, for the disability is irrelevant – people are people.  It doesn’t matter what they look like and/or what struggles they may have; for we all have needs, wants, and desires.  We all seek pleasure and comfort.

I believe services and marketers – and has been proven time and time again – would seize the opportunity to open doors to the demographic population of people with disabilities for it will be a win-win solution for both.  It makes a company more robust, innovative and adaptive. 

It is comforting seeing people with disabilities working in businesses, for it is a step in the right direction in inclusiveness and understanding the unique needs of various types of abilities — not the disability.

We all need to embrace our differences.  We all have abilities; but, some are just more apparent than others.  I find it ironic how many people know about the famous ones, like the athletes, politicians, actors/actresses, scientists, authors, and so on who catch the eye of the media in regards to being inspirational and ambassadors.  Seldom do we hear about “regular” people who do and/or go even beyond without limiting themselves.

Let’s continue to keep the conversations going, build awareness, transform perceptions, and change the world.  It is an invaluable benefit and vital to be accessible to all!

Any human being can alter their life by altering the attitude of their mind. – William James


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