A True Dilemma of “Social” and “Physical” Distancing

A collage of 5 pictures portraying social vs physical distancing including people with disabilities, corporate staff, young people and 2 individuals homebound

While social distancing is the new “buzz” word for COVID-19, let’s see it from the perspective of understanding “distancing” for people with disabilities. The COVID-19 crisis is new. It is requiring us all to act, interact and communicate in different ways than we are used to. Social distancing is the term you hear whenever you … Continue reading A True Dilemma of “Social” and “Physical” Distancing

Refusing to be Limited: Part 2

Photo of diverse coworkers around table with hands piled including African-American man in wheelchair

If you’re an employer, you need employees to keep your company or organization in business. But are you looking at all labor markets? People with disabilities represent a talented, untapped labor market.  The World Health Organization states that there are over a billion people with disabilities in the world – that is about 15% of … Continue reading Refusing to be Limited: Part 2