Our goal is to integrate barrier-free learning experiences to:

1. Partner with clients to help meet the learning needs with optimal learning experiences to close the competence and performance gaps.

2. Establish and implement accessibility solutions to meet the needs of people with disabilities (PwD) and help gain a competitive advantage with disability inclusion.

3. Share inspiring and engaging keynotes to diverse audiences.

Through custom training, learning support services, and keynote speaking, we work with clients who need to:

  • Develop training programs using in/formal training methods, Adult Education methodology, & evaluation strategies.
  • Motivate and inspire diverse audiences/staff embrace their full potential with Award-winning motivational speaking.
  • Oversee and implement accommodation and inclusion best practices, standards,  guidelines, compliance, and legislation (i.e. Accessibility Canada Act (Bill C-81), AODA 2005, WCAG 2.0, UDL 2.0).
    • Workshops
    • Training Programs
    • Microsoft Documentation Conversion and Assistive Tools
    • PDF Conversion
    • Closed Captioning
    • Screen capturing
    • Accessibility-readiness
    • Assistive Technology (e.g. digital learning tools)
  • Build engagement to foster an inclusive culture which deliver a higher standard of customer experience and competitive advantage.
  • Support professional development (i.e. academic, shared resources, 1-on-1 coaching).

We would be glad to help you embrace your learning goals and abilities to its full potential — whether as an organization, a community, and/or individual.  We invite you to take a look in more detail of all the services we provide.   


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